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 Post subject: Wormhole of Omega Pics
PostPosted: Wed Mar 22, 2006 12:57 am 
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Here is a story that I am in the process of writing. Now that I have finished a majority of it in words I thought I would put some pics to go with it. Here are some of the screen shots of the battle with the Sabre. This first set is based off the Chapter 2 of the story paragraph one.
"Were losing shielding around the Port Nacelle! Unless they stop right now our warp nacelle will be torn off!". The Captain tried to call the Alexander but it was to late as the horrible sound of crushing metal indicated that there port nacelle was ripped of causing warp plasma to leak out of the ships hull. Great, That’s just great though the captain... we already lost everything else on this ship... why not a warp nacelle to go with it?!? Finally the Alexander stopped firing and hailed them."

Here is Chapter 1 of the story. The top in quotes is the first second chapter paragraph I will post Chapter 2 later:

*** CHAPTER 1***
In a fairly abandoned sector of the quadrant, the USS Saber cruised at half impulse through the Crane Star System. The USS Saber was a small ship that barely made warp eight if the ship's engines worked correctly, but it was a fairly proven vessel. It had lasted over one hundred major battles, most of which were during the Dominion War and most of the crew had been on the ship for over six years. Captain William Anderson who transferred from the Enterprise-E less than a year ago paced in his quarters looking out at the stars. He barely had time to think before a huge explosion rocked the ship. Then Commander Fred came over the intercom, "Red Alert! All hands to battle stations!"
As the Captain came on the bridge, he noticed a sleek Breen Warship in attack position closing fast. "Sir, Our shields are at 27%! If the hit us with another torpedo then we are finished." came the voice of Lt. Commander Duffy who was the USS Saber's tactical officer. The ship was severely rocked when a torpedo scraped the shields again causing the bridge to light up like a Christmas tree. Sparks flew everywhere as one by one each system fried beyond repair. "Shields are down! Hull integrity is at 12% and falling!â€

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